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Boy, do I have a treat for you this time. This photographer is not Just a photographer but a videographer and an educator.

Sean Tucker, a former pastor turned professional photographer Sean has an instantly recognisable style in both his portraiture and street photography.

Sean Tucker, 2017

In His portraiture, he seems to create a genuine connection between the subjects within the frame and the viewer outside of it.

Sean Tucker, 2017

And whilst he doesn’t broadcast the fact he’s is an extremely impressive landscape photographer also, as you can see below.

Ok, so what exactly is it that makes me think that Sean is such an inspirational photographer, and why everyone reading this should go and check his profiles across all social media? (It should go without saying you should do that after reading this.)


Sean sees light in such a way that many just can’t. Many photographers say that you can either see light or you can’t. I choose to think that if you immerse yourself in photography you can learn; and with practice, it becomes muscle memory. Well, at least I hope that’s the case. For example, the image below shows graduation from left to right as the light hits different areas of the angled wall. The art critic in me gets a little too excited at the subject being slightly off-centred towards the right as he walks from the shadow into the light (But I digress).The truth is, however, that this is a scene that many would and most likely have walked past daily without ever truly seeing.

Sean Tucker, 2018

Sean, Tucker, 2017

The same can be said about the above image, this was either quick reflexes or patience that paid off in a striking high-contrast image. Knowing Sean from his YouTube Channel I would say it was likely the latter.

  1. Composition

Whether it is the rule of thirds, dynamic diagonals or triangles; Sean portfolio showcases them all to brilliant effect. The image below is one of my favourite examples from his website.

Sean, Tucker, 2017

Whilst there are five subjects within the image, I feel that there are three main subjects, these are the two people illuminated by the sunlight and the woman silhouetted by the bright wall. These three subjects create a triangular formation across the image. This strong compositional arrangement is furthered by the central division of the image into two halves the left have dark with bright elements the right half bright but balanced by the darker elements. This all comes together to create a visually balanced photograph that keeps you looking through the whole frame, anyone the does dig deeper into this image are rewarded by discovering the couple hiding in the shadows on the image.

Sean Tucker, 2018

Even this image, whilst being a simple enough composition, making the most of the symmetry of the windows and the centralised bench, it the really demonstrates an awareness of the environment.

And the resulting image is simple, striking and somewhat comical in apperance.

  1. Eagerness to share I couldn’t tell you if its the pastor in him, the proud professional or a mix of both but, in everything Sean contributes to the industry of photography is done for the betterment of the industry. To see what I mean when you can go and check out his YouTube Channel, There is just so much content on there that many others are asking for monthly fees for you to watch. I have poured over pretty most all of these videos even on topics I feel pretty comfortable with if I’m honest. But never the less i find them enjoyable and really easy to watch, I have even interpreted some of how he delivers information into my own teaching.

With all that said I will leave you with some more examples of Sean’s portrait work and links to his Social Media profiles so you can go and explore.

Thanks for reading and see you again soon.

Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker






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